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Drug Free News

Source:  DrugFreeWorkPlace


60% of the world’s illegal drug market is in the U.S.A. (with 6% of the world’s population);

Over 20 million Americans use Marijuana;
An estimated 6 million Americans use Cocaine;
An estimated half a million Americans use Heroin;
An estimated 13 million Americans are alcoholics;
Almost 1/3 of Americans between ages 20 and 40 have used an illicit drug once in the past year
Almost 1/2 of Americans entering the work force have used an illicit drug once in the past year.

Many of these drug users are prominent citizens in our communities.
They are business owners, doctors, civic leaders, parents and neighbors.
Consider the profile of a regular cocaine user:
Well educated [average of 14 years of education]
Employed [77%] and well-paid [37% earn over 25K]
56% engage in illegal activity other than drug possession to support the habit.