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Ever had to suffer the consequences of a bad hire?

A new study by finds that 69 percent of employers say bad hires lower productivity, affect worker morale and even result in legal issues.

Bad hires are also costly: 41 percent of companies estimate such hires cost them more than $25,000 individually, and a quarter put the cost at more than $50,000.

So, why make such a hire, you might ask? CareerBuilder found 38 percent of employers said they needed to fill the job quickly, 21 percent simply didn’t know enough about the employee before hiring him or her and 11 percent didn’t check references.

“The more thoroughly the candidates are vetted, the less likely they will be a poor match,” said Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources at CareerBuilder. (Was that a collective “Duh!” we just heard?).

In addition to the impact on productivity and employee morale, bad hires also can damage relationships with clients, according to 22 percent of respondents.

Finally, most bad hires have the same thing in common, according to more than 60 percent of respondents: They fail to produce quality work, they don’t work well with others, they don’t show up for work, and they simply have bad attitudes.