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Preparing students for the work place.

There will never be a replacement to a dedicated teaching professional to prepare students for their
future. Workplace Services Group wants to help ensure there is a future for all students. We offer
High Schools an opportunity to drive home the zero tolerance policy for drug use. Our program
includes “Drugs Don’t Work” posters for display at school.

Today’s students will enter a very competitive work place. The most qualified candidates will be
required to pass pre-employment drug screening to ensure maximum productivity. Workplace drug
use statistics show increased accident rates which directly correlate to higher insurance premiums for

When it comes to discouraging drug use, the best defense is a good offense. Workplace Services Group
offers a fund raising opportunity for schools that parents can use as an additional tool for their children.
We sell and ship drug testing kits directly to the parents using each individual schools promotional code
for tracking. The package is a plain brown box with no mention of what it contains. The objective is
for every student to know that parents have a tool to test their children. When confronted with peer
pressure to try drugs, kids can say no because they will be tested and lose all privileges. Just one more

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i-Cup 6 Panel COC, THC, OPI, AMP, mAMP, BZO, (OX, SG, PH) / 1 Case (Box of 25)